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Who are we ?

Sisteer offers key and ready to use solutions to deploy Telecom and IoT connected systems.

Sisteer has the resources, the technologies and the ecosystem to rapidly launch a wireless operator, monetize the IoT services or develop an innovative connected service.

Sisteer’s approach is based on the Cloud technology that offers efficient solutions to entrepreneurs who want to launch their product fast for a low investment cost.

Since its beginning in 2002, Sisteer contributed to the launch of more than 100 service operators and more than 10 millions products are currently using our technologies.

Member of the network BPI France excellence

Heading toward a new world

Are you an entrepreneur in the connected world? So are we, and for almost 15 years.

Our vision is to become your « enabler », your technical partner of reference, whether you are owning projects, a startup or a creator of new activities.

Our job is to provide you with full systems solutions, easy to handle and that would allow you to make a difference in the market place.

As a project incubator, we provide concrete solutions to externalize all or  part of the problematic system and offer a personalized economic model for all different needs.

The Sisteer’s solutions are now used across various industries: Electricity suppliers, On Board telematics, Measuring systems in the food industry…. First class operators and new businesses schose us for our expertise, our independence, our trustworthiness and the efficiency of our solutions.

They also appreciate us for our engagement and implication on every day basis.

Today it is with a strong will that we are heading toward a new world: The IoT world.

The connected future needs to be created, let’s bring it to life together.

Alain Bureau, CEO of Sisteer

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