Publié le 19-02-2020

Momac and Sisteer partner to provide MVNOs pioneering offering on data services

Paris – June 28, 2011 – Mobile Virtual Network Enabler Sisteer and platform provider Momac have partnered to create an unprecedented technological and business partnership aimed at delivering MVNOs an integrated solution that facilitates deployment of mobile applications and portals.

This collaboration permits hosted MVNOs to quickly and efficiently enter the mobile applications and portals market. Additionally, Sisteer and Momac seek to open up strategic opportunities that include new revenue streams, opening up of new markets, the ability to reduce costs via mobile self-care services and the creation of content and loyalty services.

“Sisteer is one of the fastest rising companies in the MVNO arena,” says Momac CMO Olivier Milcent. “As Momac is receiving a increasing amount of attention from mobile operators, this partnership allows Momac to bring its expertise of customer-centric mobile interfaces to MVNOs.”

By teaming with Momac, Sisteer is effectively changing the face of the MVNO market by enabling MVNOS to combine data network capabilities, CRM and billing into advanced mobile experiences on apps and mobile browsers.

“Momac offers an exclusive technology that efficiently addresses operator needs and delivers a rich customer experience on mobile devices, which is precisely why Sisteer chose Momac as a partner to offer MVNOs a high-value proposition for portals and apps,” says Sisteer’s VP Marketing Dominique Theriez.

The partnership revolves around a transforming mobile industry, soon to be heavily represented by MVNOs. Both Sisteer and Momac count substantial MVNOs around the world among their respective client-bases.

This collaboration will also put in place a targeted solution to actively address the increasing market of vertical MVNOs.