Publié le 19-02-2020

Sisteer and Materna Out-of-the-Box LBO Services

Sisteer, Materna Out-of-the-Box LBO Data Roaming Services Offer

Paris and Dortmund, July 30st, 2013: Information and communications provider MATERNA ( and tier-one mobile virtual network operator Sisteer ( today jointly launch an Out-of-the-Box offer for LBO Data Roaming Services according to the 2014 EU Roaming Regulation for mobile network operators which will apply on July 1st, 2014.

The unique LBO Cloud Solution of Sisteer and Materna enables mobile network operators to offer low cost data roaming services with minimal capital outlay and effort.

By this time next year, the European Commission’s July 2014 mobile roaming regulations deadline to provide consumers the right to choose a different operator based on price or service features for roaming in Europe will have passed and come into legislation.

But, by imposing this new regulation, the regulators also create new business opportunities for Europe’s mobile network operators (MNOs). For the first time, with the combined help of Sisteer and Materna, MNOs can offer Local Break-Out (LBO) data roaming services to the millions of European visitors each year cost-effectively and with the minimum of impact on legacy systems.

In providing LBO services, operators everywhere in the EU can offer mobile users data roaming services similar to those offered by their home network providers, but at a more competitive price, and without forcing users to change devices or SIM cards.

The cloud-based solution provides all the OSS and BSS components needed to provide a complete LBO service. One of the key elements of our LBO solution is the LBO App, which supports the entire LBO customer life cycle, from e-commerce to self-care. The app ensures the smoothest customer experience possible, has compelling features such as APN settings or dynamic customer processes, and is completed with a world class Content Management System. The app also supports wholesale processes, enabling any LBO provider to sell its service to third parties anywhere in the world.

“As a technical provider and partner-of-choice to the mobile industry worldwide, it is within our remit to develop compelling, cost-effective products and services that move the industry,” says Alain Bureau, Sisteer’s Founder and CEO.

“We believe that such a technically-advanced LBO-in-the-Cloud service demonstrates once again the combined technological leadership of Sisteer and Materna” says Helmut an de Meulen, Materna’s Founder and CEO.